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It is the mission of Upton Lake Christian School to glorify God by providing a Christ-centered education under the authority of God’s Word by teaching to transform lives, fostering a passion for God, and equipping today’s students to meet tomorrow’s challenges through quality academic instruction.


In accordance with the mission of our school our students' lives will be transformed through gospel, the power of the Holy Spirit, the teaching , mentoring and community of Christian educators.  Our students' passion for God will be fostered by God's revelation through His word and a growing relationship with Christ evidenced through personal devotion and worship.  Our community of educators will model Christian living, praying that it will be contagious in the life of each student.  Opportunities to serve the interests of others will be available so that the student will be able to demonstrate a servant's heart. All aspects of school life will equip the student to develop and practice a biblical worldview. Our graduates will be prepared to meet the academic, social and spiritual challenges of their future by attainging mastery in all required college-bound academic disciplines, while realizing that all students may not be called to follow a collegiate path. In addition, students will learn to discern , analyze, evaluate, solve problems and make decisions which will enable them to mature in their godly potential.  Students will practice critical thinking, creativity and ingenuity using their imagination, inventive skills and artistic gifts as they interact with a changing world.  Students will develop, refine and master effective oral, written and non-verbal communication skills.  Students will gain experience and expertise through collaborative academic, physical and social sctivities so that they understand their role as a responsible individual, a group member and when called, to leadership.



  • Accept Salvation and personal discipleship
  • Live by a biblical worldview
  • Value the church and be actively involved
  • Cultivate a willing heart for the Great Commission
  • Demonstrate obedience and integrity
  • Demonstrate kindness and compassion for others
  • Develop a strong work ethic
  • Serve others cheerfully when the opportunity arises
  • Commit to pursuit of lifelong learning


  • Demonstrate mastery in all academic areas
  • Continue to intentionally memorize, meditate and respond to God's word


  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Demonstrate proficiency in written, oral and non-verbal communication skills
  • Explore and demonstrate creativity
  • Work collaboratively and understand leadership responsibilities




“in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Colossians 2:3

teaching to

transform lives

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