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A day of Community Service





April 24, 2021

Stay tuned for the projects each classroom will be working on. Sign up here if you would like to join us in service - in person locally or even from wherever you live in the world!

Fostering Family Devotions

Click here to request a free copy of "Fostering Family Devotions" by our Chaplain and Bible Teacher, Zach Justice. Then check out all that Upton Lake has to offer!

Chemistry video project

Earth Science video project

Our Covid-19 Response

Upton Lake returned to school on Sept 9, 2020 with full in-person learning. We provide flexible remote learning options to meet the needs of all students who are unable to attend in person, whether for the duration or just temporarily due to illness or exposure. We have a plan for continuation of learning should we have to close our building temporarily at any time.

Our small community is blessed to be able to respond quickly, personally, and wisely. Thank you to the families who are so graciously adapting to the changes required in these times.

Update: 1/2/21 We are carefully watching the state mandates related to schools and monitoring symptoms and exposure as reported by parents. School was remote from Jan 4-8 and returned to in-person on Monday, Jan 11. Parents, please notify the school nurse, Marianne Bridges, as soon as possible if your student develops symptoms or you have a change in exposure.

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FAQ's about fall reopening

News from Our Blog

Eagle Eye

Parenting when they sin

February 10, 2021
By Guest: Karina House

The child flung off the covers I’d just put on her, flew out of bed, leaped into my arms, buried her face into my shoulder, and wept. “I’m sorry, Mommy. I’m sorry. I told a lie! It was all a lie!”

Often we parents have a sixth sense about when our kids are lying. Sometimes they aren’t very good at it, as they insist they didn’t eat the cookie while crumbs are visible around their lips. Other times we can see it in the body language as they tell us one thing with their words but quite another with their eyes or their body stance.

This time, though, I was completely unprepared. My child had come home from her day at Zoo Camp, face aglow with excitement about how she got to feed the otters. She had an entire story, it seemed plausible, and was delightful. In fact, I was a bit jealous of her opportunity! I encouraged her to share it again with her Nana, and her father when he came home from work. If the story changed a little, I didn’t notice. It wasn’t more than a little excitement would explain away.

After we read her nightly Bible story, we prayed together. And I thanked God for her wonderful day. And that stirred her conscience more than anything else. I never guessed that she was telling me lies. But the Holy Spirit knew, and He doesn’t need my understanding, and He moved in her little heart.

As I held my weeping daughter, a lot of thoughts flew through my head and many emotions filled my heart. I was sad for her falsehoods. I was horrified that she had repeated the lies all afternoon and evening, with multiple people. I was a little angry that I had been taken in. I was also so grateful that she was seeking comfort and forgiveness in my arms, without my bidding. I felt relief that her conscience was sensitive (although it could have been more sensitive, really - all evening long!). I don’t remember exactly, but I suspect I was also a little frustrated because I was tired and didn’t want to have to deal with this RIGHT NOW - I wanted to go downstairs and eat ice cream and sit on the couch with my husband.

But I knew it was a holy moment.

So we went straight to God. No spanking, no scolding. No discussion about how wrong it is to tell lies. I started praying and helped her to confess her sin to God. And then I walked her through the forgiveness of God, made possible by Jesus, and she invited the Holy Spirit to fill her and help her to walk in righteousness. Then, and only then, did we talk to each other. After all, whatever divisions were between us, they were nothing compared to the division between her and the God who created her!

She said, “I’ll never like otters again, Mommy.” And I said, “Maybe whenever you see an otter, you’ll think about the forgiveness of God, and feel gratitude. I hope you can love otters again, sweetheart.”

There have been other conversations like this - other times I have helped my kids to the Altar. Sometimes I initiate them, other times my kids do. Sometimes they start as something small and grow to be something quite big.  As they have gotten older, the sins have gotten bigger, the time spent ignoring the stirring of the Spirit have gotten longer, and often the consequences are more serious. 

And as I look to the future, I know I am not done. My children are no longer toddlers, or children, or tweens. Indeed, one is now a full-fledged adult! But they will not stop sinning. I know this because I know myself. I have not stopped sinning. And I know that the consequences will get harder.

  • Our kids don’t sin on our schedule.
  • They don’t sin in the ways we are prepared for.
  • They don’t consider our feelings when they sin, or when they hide it, or when they fess up.
  • Sometimes their hearts are stirred all on their own, sometimes by circumstances or consequences, but sometimes only after long seasons of digging in their heels.
  • Their sin can embarrass us or bring us shame.
  • It can make us question ourselves, our parenting, our faith.
  • Their sin can be costly to them - but also to us.

These are holy moments. God is calling us to put aside our feelings of frustration, anger, or shame. He is calling us to love them enough to wait for their heart to be stirred. And when it is, to walk with our child to the Altar, to help them confess their sin and receive forgiveness, and to welcome the Holy Spirit to walk with them in holiness.

I encourage you, parents of young children, to help your children to learn these patterns now. You will be so grateful as they grow up and remember how to find their way back each time they stray. As you train them up in “small” sins, they will build patterns and resources that will help them as they grow.

I want my children to know that there is nothing too sinful to make God stop loving them. Nothing too great for Jesus to forgive. And they can always, always tell me about it and we’ll go to the Altar together.

My daughter no longer remembers that evening, about a decade ago. But she does love to see otters, and somehow we always end up talking about the forgiveness of God...

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Kindergarten Prep

Kindergarten Prep at Upton Lake Christian School is a place where children learn through play. We do this through:

  • Sensory fun
  • Letter recognition and sound
  • Numbers, shapes and colors
  • Writing and fine motor skills
  • Building social skills
  • Reading and story telling
  • But most importantly, discovering the love of God through Christ!

A sight we have become all too familiar with - faces tiled on our screen. But this meeting was one of our daily Chapels with Mr. Huffman!

Dual Enrollment English at Davis College

ULCS is grateful to have successfully implemented a dual enrollment English class from Davis College. Our seniors have the option of completing their high school English while at the same time completing college English 101 and 102. Our high school English teacher, Renee Smith, is the teacher of record and collaborates with the English department at Davis College, using their curriculum.

We spoke with 2 graduates from last year's class: Chloe Yerger and Nadya Kruger. Both appreciated the college level paper writing skills they acquired. The credits also allowed them to skip ahead to classes in their major, reducing workload and giving them an edge.

"It helped me manage the fast-paced nursing program here at SUNY Plattsburgh." ~ Chloe Yerger, '19

"I was able to dive right into main credit courses for my major." ~ Nadya Kruger, '19

The Christmas Concert - Virtual version

The Upton Lake Christian School community was blessed by our annual Christmas Concert in a virtual format. Our music teacher, Mrs. Koepp, conducted the elementary students in a variety of Christmas songs. Our new art teacher, Mr. Hawk, filmed and edited their performances. Families from near and far were able to join us for an online viewing party.

Our chaplain, Mr. Justice, reminded us of the power of God with us, Emmanuel. In a time of social distancing, we can appreciate even more that God came to be with us and live amongst us.

"One perk of being a small school is that we are not only a school community but a family. This family has never failed to encourage each other in bad times, laugh with each other in the good times, and push each other to become better... Yes, this school has brought me great memories, amazing friends, academic knowledge, life lessons, and much much more, but the most important thing is how it aided me in making my faith my own."
~ Jennifer Puhalski, Salutatorian, ULCS '20