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A day of Community Service




April 24, 2021

Inspired and encouraged! Those are two words to describe how I felt on Saturday at our Be the Salt Day. A little after 10 am as people were all gathering and chatting in the parking lot I looked up and 'happened' to see a Bald Eagle flying low in a beautiful blue sky! It was so clear to me it was God's way of saying, "Well done good and faithful servants." When I pointed it out, Judah (from Mr. Jordan's class) said, "And that's our mascot!" From that moment to us all gathering for prayer to walking around and seeing all of our students and families working together to socializing over pizza I was isnpired and encouraged. Inspired by how much good there is in our Upton Lake Community and encouraged by a little bit of normalcy in this covid world we have been stuck in.

I watched little pre-k students painting birdhouses for senior homes, 1/2 graders making 60 cards of love and encouragement, 3/4 graders cleaning every chair in our gym, 5/6 graders gathering over 40 bags of leaves at the cemetary down the street, 7/8 graders organizing and delivering canned goods, 9/10 graders scrubbing every inch of our kitchen and 11/12 graders (I didn't see this only heard) beautifying the front of a Crisis Pregnancy Center building. Kindergarten will be packing bags for essential workers this week. It was a beautiful day from the weather to the people!

Fostering Family Devotions

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Our Covid-19 Response

Our small community is blessed to be able to respond quickly, personally, and wisely. Thank you to the families who are so graciously adapting to the changes required in these times.

God blessed us with the ability to remain in-person for all but 1 week in 2020-2021.

For 2021-2022, we will meet in person. Virtual learning will be available only for those in 10-day quarantines due to exposure or diagnosis of COVID-19, if they feel well enough to participate.

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In the Belly of a Whale

March 03, 2021
By Guest author: Lori Nargi

Lessons from the Belly of a Whale

Have you ever made a decision and believed you were doing the right thing, only to have the Lord show you differently? I certainly have! You may remember the wonderful passage from Scripture (Jonah, Chapters 1-3) about Jonah and the whale, or the big fish as many interpret it. Jonah had been instructed to do the Lord’s will and preach the Lord’s message of repentance to Jonah’s arch enemies: the Ninevites. This task was something he did not want to do. Jonah was so opposed to doing this, that he actually fled the scene and was swallowed by a whale (ie large fish). While he was in the belly of that whale, he had a lot of time to think and came to the realization that he needed to be in the business of doing the Lord’s work. When he had finally surrendered, the great sea creature spit him out on shore and he went right to work sharing the message he had been entrusted with. A whole nation was saved because of his eventual obedience.

Now, unlike Jonah, I loved teaching. It is where I wanted to be. I certainly am not claiming to be a Jonah, and I am not saying I am responsible for saving a nation. But, I do believe that the Lord put me in a place where I was able to look around and realize that I wasn’t where I was supposed to be after leaving ULCS. The incredible graciousness and mercy of my Lord and Savior not only spit me out, He opened the door rather quickly for me to be right back where He intended me to be. 

This past summer, due to unforeseen circumstances, I believed that it was time for me to step down from teaching at Upton Lake Christian School. My passion has always been teaching and my heart broke to be leaving, but I truly believed it to be the right decision for my family at the time. 

Speed ahead a few months later. A conversation had started as to the possibility of Mrs. DeWitt becoming the new principal at ULCS and the consideration of my return to Upton Lake as the kindergarten teacher. I was praying for the Lord’s will and His direction for all involved in this matter. 

One day at my new job, I found myself sweeping up mouse droppings. As I stood there by myself, so far from my passions and where I thought God should be using me, and sweeping up this unpleasant matter, good old Jonah came right to my heart and mind. I knew at that moment, if the Lord were to open the door to Upton Lake once again, I would go RUNNING back. I knew He had placed me there, alone with that broom, in order to realize where He wanted me to be.

God knew better than I. He knew my heart and where I wanted to be. And like Jonah, sometimes that means trusting Him when the path seems uncertain. I have always had a passion for teaching and especially for sharing Jesus to the Lord’s precious little children. Having the most incredible blessing of returning to Upton Lake is nothing short of the Lord’s doing and I am overflowing with joy! I cannot wait to see what He has planned at Upton Lake!

“Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭46:10‬ ‭


"One perk of being a small school is that we are not only a school community but a family. This family has never failed to encourage each other in bad times, laugh with each other in the good times, and push each other to become better... Yes, this school has brought me great memories, amazing friends, academic knowledge, life lessons, and much much more, but the most important thing is how it aided me in making my faith my own."
~ Jennifer Puhalski, Salutatorian, ULCS '20