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Our Covid 19 Response

What does Remote Learning look like at Upton Lake?

Teachers and students leaped into Remote Learning in March in response to the Covid-19 crisis. ULCS is proud of the learning and work that is going on, using various age-appropriate resources. Teachers are working harder than ever to keep students engaged, assist parents with new tasks, and ensure success is possible for each and every student.

Our small community is blessed to be able to respond quickly, personally, and wisely. Thank you to the families who are so graciously adapting to the change to remote learning!

High school students participate via Google Classroom, meet online for instruction and discussion, turn in homework, receive feedback and track their grades. They benefited in early May from Spiritual Emphasis Week, remotely, with daily Chapel, journaling and a Q&A time called "Coffee Can."

Socially Distant...Spiritually Connected

Plans for 2020 2021 Academic Year

ULCS is preparing for 3 possible scenarios come fall:

1. We meet in person - with safety protocols, PPE as appropriate, following social distancing guidelines. Our student/staff ratio is always low, and with a smaller total enrollment than public schools, opening in person will be safer and easier than for traditional schools. See our FAQ page for details.

2. We pursue Remote Learning. Staff & Faculty will work diligently all summer, preparing an even more robust and responsive plan for remote learning, integrating Google Classrooms with our Family Portal. Parent, student and teacher input are all being considered to improve on the strong foundations.

3. We invent a hybrid model combining some in-person, some Remote Learning, to best meet our needs and be responsive to the conditions in Dutchess County. UCLS pledges to be responsive, safe, and diligent to continue to provide an excellent education and community for our families.

We have a limited number of slots open for the fall. It's a great time to join the ULCS Family!

ULCS is amazing! The teachers/admin go above and beyond, they are just unbelievable!! During a time when all schools are closed, my son is still learning, doing his work and attending live online classrooms - seemingly without a hiccup of a transition during a time of chaos and uncertainty.

~ ULCS Parent, 2 weeks in to Remote Learning