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COVID-19 Current athletics and extracurricular policies


Our athletic program has continued to run throughout the pandemic. Mr. Barton, our athletic director, has worked tirelessly to ensure that our students have the opportunity to build sportsmanship and skills through practice, team building, and playing games against other schools. We follow the requirements of the program, which sometimes means the wearing of masks while playing basketball indoors, for example.

Spectators are encouraged to practice social distancing, and to follow the rules of the location where games are played regarding the wearing of masks.

Extracurricular activities & music

The fine arts are an important part of our students' and community's experience. We will responsibly and reasonably provide opportunities to engage in worship while maintaining social distancing and mask wearing. We continue to provide music classes during the pandemic, following the requirements and CDC guidelines for safety. Any student interested in pursuing music lessons may do so online through Paul Effman Music - register here.

This page updated Dec 16, 2021.