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COVID-19 Current athletics and extracurricular policies


NYS has announced guidelines for school athletics for fall 2020. We will begin practices and conditioning for soccer on September 21. JV will play scrimmages against each other. Varsity will hopefully be able to travel for games against teams in CT beginning October 19.

Each soccer team member must wear a mask for practices, scrimmages and games. Each soccer team member must have their own ball for practice - see Mr. Barton if you need ULCS to provide one. Social distancing must be practiced, and masks worn, by any spectators outside.

Extracurricular activities & music

Your principal and faculty are working on ways to continue to offer these opportunities in a way that is responsible and reasonable. More information will be shared as we finalize plans during the school year. We will strive to provide the best opportunities we can, by staying more local, waiting for the spring, and pursuing on-campus or online options as needed. Many decisions will be ongoing to accommodate the most up-to-date regulations.

The fine arts are an important part of our students' and community's experience. We will responsibly and reasonably provide opportunities to engage in worship while maintaining social distancing and mask wearing. Our worship band will practice social distancing, wear masks, disinfect microphones and avoid sharing instruments. Any student interested in pursuing music lessons may do so online through Paul Effman Music - register here.

This page updated Sept 22, 2020.