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Fine and Performing Arts

Music Education

"It is good to praise the Lord and make music to your name, O Most High" Psalm 92:1

At Upton Lake Christian School we seek to glorify God as we sing and make music from our hearts to the Lord. (Ephesians 5:19). Students in our music program learn the fundamentals of music theory to prepare to read and notate music, sing, compose, play instruments and worship. In our chapel and concert experiences we give witness to God’s love, grace, power and faithfulness through our musical presentations.

Music is an important part of a young child’s growth and development. Our Early Elementary students engage in thematic music and movement units to develop coordination, listening skills, creative expression, and rhythmic movement to internalize the beat. Students begin to develop their fine motor skills and music making with classroom rhythm instruments and the glockenspiel. Our young students enjoy a Music & Literature program that unites a love for books with music that engages the learner with musical and rhythmic phrases that repeat throughout the story.

Older Elementary students continue with vocal development, the ability to read and notate music, to study composers and to appreciate music from various time periods and countries. Older students apply their music theory knowledge to play instruments such as the glockenspiel, recorder, hand bells, rhythm instruments and band instruments.

Music 7/8 includes music theory, music appreciation, music history, composers, and an introduction to multicultural instruments. They apply their musical skills to play one semester of guitar and one semester of piano with a final presentation leading chapel worship.

Our High School musicians have the opportunity to participate in chapel worship and the annual talent show.

Art Education

Students will become life-long appreciators of art and capable of making successful works of art for enjoyment, relaxation, beautification, celebration of God's creation, communication of important ideas, and in exploring their uniqueness as loved by God.  Students explore art-related careers, study artists and artistic styles, art history and vocabulary.  Opportunity is given to enter art competitions, participate in public art shows, and to show in school galleries.  Portfolios are developed for public viewing and college entrance.   
Printing, Drawing in Mona Brooks methods,
Paper craft, Puppets, Masks, Clay work,
Mixed-media collage, Watercolor
Full-size figure sculpture
Literary illustration study
Art Around the World
Natural Science with Art
Artists: Picasso, Monet, Durer,
Carle, Da Vinci, Mondrian, Hunterwasser
And more.
Elements of Art, Landscape,
Printing, Paper craft, Color theory, Native American, Watercolor
Early American Decorative arts
South American Art, Ceramics
Digital art integration
Artists: Monet, Chagall, Audubon,
Hicks, Native artists, African American artists
Elements of Art and Design, Painting, Cardboard sculpture
Plaster masks, Clay animal mugs, Architecture, Etching
Native and Early American Art
Decorative arts, Natural Science and Art
Medieval decoration, Medieval Heraldry
Artists: Picasso, Chihuli, Rousseau
Medieval Art, Art Around the World
Elements of Art and Design, Mixed-media
Mural-making, Color Theory, Perspective Drawing, Clay relief,
Tempera painting, Ink Painting, Illustration, Animal Drawing
Pastel, Invention drawing
Artist Periods: Modern Art, Pop Art, Renaissance,
Medieval Art
Production Art, Community Art
Black and White Design
Famous Architecture, Etching,
Color Pencil
Still Life and Realism
Ceramic Bowls
Religious Art
Oil Painting, Color Theory, Value Study
Charcoal, Still life, Collaborative Art,
American Art, Women Artists
Clay sculptural works, Art Sketch/Work book
Portrait studies, Watercolor and Ink
Elements of Design and Art
Art Sketch/Work book
Plaster Figure Sculpture
Value studies, Life Drawing,
Digital art integration
Mixed-media, Mural-making
1900 European Modern Art,
Self-Portraiture, Watercolor and Ink