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Philosophy of Giving

Partner with Upton Lake Christian School 


First and foremost, we ask for your prayers.  We are exceedingly thankful for the faithful who have prayed for us in the past and for those who continually make their requests to the Father, on our behalf.  We have an organized prayer group that meets weekly to pray for the families of ULCS; students, parents, faculty, staff, and leadership.  If you would like to join us, please call the office for time/location.


Upton Lake Christian School depends on the support of our community partners to ensure an excellent academic program, as well as extracurricular programs that enhance each student's educational experience.  We pray for the hearts of those who are called to join in this special ministry by providing financial support, that they are blessed in knowing they are part of God’s work in the lives of our students and families. 

Time & Talent:

God has granted our community with a body of believers with a bounty of gifts and talents.  We have volunteers that help with everything from taking pictures for the website, to covering our front desk, to organizing our 5K Eagle’s Run, to driving our sports teams to away games, to name just a few.  Please prayerfully consider the gifts God has given you and let us know how you might join our ministry efforts here at ULCS.


   Frequently Asked Questions:


    1.  Why does ULCS need non-tuition income?  Non-tuition gift money is essential in providing budgetary support, assistance to families through financial aid, controlling tuition and fees, and improving academic programs.  Gifts to ULCS bridge the gap between tuition and the operating cost of educating a student.

    2.  Does participation really matter?  YES!  Your participation is a vote of confidence as we jointly invest in the lives of current and future students.  When seeking donations from outside sources, foundations and match gifting, we  first want to see a high participation of giving beyond tuition. 

    3.  How much should I give?  There is no such thing as a small gift.  2 Corinthians 8:12 "For if the willingness is there, the gift is acceptable according to what one has, not according to what he does not have."  All contributions assist in maintaining affordable tuition and covering the cost of our programs.  We are grateful for every donation.

    4.  Is my gift tax deductable?  Yes, tax deductable to the full extent allowed by law.

    5.  Can I make my donation for something specific?  Yes.  For instance, ULCS has funds for financial aid, development, athletics, technology, and facilities.  Donations received for a specific fund are considered restricted.  We welcome growth in these areas, however, we also appreciate unrestricted giving so that ULCS can meet its most pressing needs first.

    6.  Where should I send my donation?  Make your check payable to Upton Lake Christian School and mail to:  ULCS, P.O. Box 63, Clinton Corners, NY  12514 or give online with our new "Online Giving" link.